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  1. Let's just hope their logic to determine afk players works..............
  2. Grineer enemies still too strong in RailJack missions. Also too strong in Kuva Lich missions. Please bring sanity back to enemy scaling. Thanks.
  3. I bought Division 2 for $5. I've been playing that until Warframe is back in working order.
  4. let's be honest, this is closer to an alpha release than beta.............please bring beta back.
  5. I believe the Omni goes in the first empty gear slot, at least it did for me.
  6. How long till I get it? I've been "watching" since the start. It is literally freezing every 3 secs on lowest quality. So can you just send it to me already?
  7. How do the devs feel about Kojima's statement towards American gamers?
  8. Please allow a way to despawn the lich without having to mercy them. I think that will fix a lot of toxicity.
  9. Fighting level 90 bombards is interesting? Guess you and I have different definitions of the word.
  10. Since the melee update, you can no longer use the melee key to do finishers. Please fix. Also, please lower enemy level in Lich missions. Thanks.
  11. enemy level in lich missions need to be lowered big time.................
  12. 3 Questions. 1) When will nightwave creds be sellable for credits? 2) Will you be able to have multiple Kuva Liches linked to your Tenno at once? If so, what is the limit? 3) Will the Kuva Lich weapons have different stats for IPS, crit chance, etc, or will they just be given a unique elemental type? Thank you for your time.
  13. It's been years guys. We all know Steve will have a live stream before Railjack launches. 🙂
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