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  1. The 75% off discount is obviously the best, and if you like the game I recommend dropping the $50 and never having to worry about plat again. 50% off is still fair in my opinion, and what some people end up settling for (that 1% drop rate for the 75% off can be killer). The Steam packs I would not buy unless marked 50% off or more, and even then only the one with the highest plat/money ratio. Plat is king.
  2. Specifically the end mission relic UI. I basically need 3 pieces of information. Name of item, rarity, and number owned........I have to mouse over for 2 of those and rarity is a little line at the top. This is definitely a downgrade from what we had before. Please learn from MMOs from literally 20 years ago and clearly highlight rarity with a color. I'm going to assume this is just an oversight and you're not trying to rip players off. If you want to include ducat price, fine. But those 3 pieces of information need to be prominently DISPLAYED ON THE SCREEN. BEFORE CONSOLES RECEIVE THIS UPDATE. This should be obvious. Thanks.
  3. Also had an issue where the boss went perma invisible. Made the fight much harder. Not sure if intended...........
  4. Still no wolf spawn for me........... 😞
  5. Cool. Just built Helminth Charger today. 🙂
  6. Thanks for increasing the boss fight even more............... oh and please fix fish spawning on Plains.
  7. I've been having issues with Fishing spear/tranq rifle being equiped even though it isn't. This makes it so I can't reload or use abilities. I have to transfer to archwing to fix it. Is this a known issue?
  8. Any way to stop losing trick points after hitting bump in K Drive?
  9. THANK YOU DE!!!!!! Regarding K-Driving: Can we get confirmation on whether jumping immediately after landing a trick should cancel your points?
  10. I haven't noticed any major bugs after 6hrs, thank you for update. A couple things though, Boon doesn't always spawn, not sure if this is by design. Also, I can't see mining hotspots in caves. One last thing, it seems sometimes I lose K-Drive points, even though I stick the landing. Again, thanks for the great update.
  11. Please take all the time you need to release polished content. I don't mind waiting an extra week or 2.
  12. Yeah, probably want to wait for the hotfix anyway. I'll just play black ops tonight.
  13. Pretty sure it means -30% dmg dealt to enemies......don't think it makes sense the other way.
  14. Maybe the next time Baro comes. I think that will be his 100th visit.
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