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  1. So we get a special greeting if we grind out or purchase Inaros by Saturday? Why? Please stop.
  2. No fixes towards Protea parts not dropping?
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. I mean you are nullified, can't hit 4, can't go operator, nothing.......just like they did nerfing limbo
  5. So you can't even use Mesa's abilities in Granum.......the farm is once again atrocious.....another fail update.
  6. Just wait until it bugs out on you like it did me. Another failed update IMO. Which is a shame because it really felt like DE was finally getting they stuff together and then this............
  7. Can you please add functionality back so that melee button can perform finishers? Thanks.
  8. Fits the theme, and excellent design from a gameplay perspective. Also, would be relatively easy to implement. Passive - Lag Switch - Chance to gain invulnerability for T seconds when Health reaches 0. Ability 1 - [DE]Buff - Deal X% more damage to enemies and receive X% more damage from all sources for T seconds. Ability 2 - HitReg Fail - 100% evasion for T seconds. Also, could be cool to be able to pass through enemies and objects. (Possible augment) Ability 3 - Tic Rate Fail - CC that causes enemies within R meters of Warframe to shake/glitch sporadically for T seconds. Affected enemies take X% more damage from all sources. Ability 4 - Crash To Desktop - Enemies within R meters of Warframe fall through the map and die. X - Scales off Ability Strength T - Scales off Ability Duration R - Scales off Ability Range
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