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DEAD inside Fortuna


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Right well, basically what happened here is the result of some very broken stuff.

Learned from being an idiot that ye can't use Hysteria when ye have the Archwing gun equipped out on the Orb Vallis, which lead to me just being invincible the whole time but unable to do anything. But then the squad I was in... extracted. Which lead to me getting downed and remaining as such in the loading screen. And when I got back into Fortuna.

I actually bled out and died. I can't revive but everything else works fine, (except you know, can't spectate anyone else at all.)


But, yeah. Just mentioning this for future reference.


(Oh and I did this in the middle of a Profit-Taker mission so... yeah. Things went horribly wrong here instantly. IN the most hilarious way possible.)

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