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Archwing in Plain BUG


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Even I turned off the experimental flight,i still can flip upside down in plain,it's really annoying.
It about a short period this bug was fix in Hotfix 24.0.4,but didn't last 24 hours,next hoxfix it back to bug phase.


maybe can split to two setting,one is Archwing mission control,other is plain archwing control

since someone don't like to spin his head around when fighting in archwing mode,but want to fly fancy in the plain

and someone rather lazy in switching setting or don't even know what is experimental flight

Experimental flight:Allow you to spin you POV around (maybe will cause nausea),and you can't sprint to other direction except forward by holding like A+Shift or D+shift and S+Shift

Non-experimental flight (default in Archwing mission):Just like normal setting in Archwing mission.so you won't spin your head around or when you want to dodge thing still in same place with only spin of your POV.

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