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Corpus and Infested Shielding {Weapon Concepts}


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I noticed that we currently lack something-and-shield weapons for two of the factions (three if you do not count primes as Orokin weapons: I count Cobra and Crane as Quills-associated): the Corpus and the Infested. I've had the Infested weapon as a concept for a while now, while the Corpus one was more impulsive. Image, flavor text, and general gameplay ideas below. I have no idea how the numbers for these weapons and stats work in this game, so they will be general ideas.blades_and_shields__fan_concepts__by_ash

Copy-pasted from Deviantart/Tumblr description:

Scab and Brine
Unleash hell with this blood-bound shield-and-blade. Wield these trophies with pride and prowess, resisting with the chitinous Scab and raining searing pain with the splintered Brine bone pick.
I got the idea of Scab and Brine being made of the Juggernaut's drops due to them being only used for one thing that is seldom used outside of the Jordas Precept, where you're forced to use it (you could use it in Infested Sortie defense, but not much outside of that). The chitinous husk would make the shield, the infected palpators would be used to wrap around your arm, the severed bile sac would be used in the blade to produce salt, and the pulsating tubercles would be used to release salt in the blade, overall taking the phrase "rubbing salt in the wound" to its logical extreme.
It would most likely be a high puncture, slash, and elemental status weapon. It would suffer in impact, range, and attack speed. It would have average shielding.

Shrike and Daw
Shock and awe your enemies with this sophisticated spear-and-shield. Originally created to deal with civilian riots in Corpus territory, the Shrike spear and the Daw shield has found true power in the hands of the Tenno.
The Shrike and Daw is not as complex in origin as Scab and Brine, as more of an impulse design. It would have high range and puncture, along with innate electric and magnetic elemental procs. It would suffer in general elemental status, slash, impact, and attack speed. It would have average shielding and an innate electric proc on blocking melee swings.

- The colors of Scab are based more on Pherliac pods than on normal Juggernauts.
- The name "Shrike and Daw" falls in line with standard Corpus animal naming schemes: a shrike is a species of bird also known as the "butcherbird" due to its nature to impale insects, small rodents, and other animals on things such as thorns and branches. "Daw" is derived from "Jackdaw," a species of bird in the same family as ravens and magpies.
- The design of Daw is heavy drawn from the Falcor, as it was the closest to what I had in mind.

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