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Plains of Eidolon : Skybox broken ?


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Hi !

So I dont need to explain how to replicate this bug, since it happens everytime I load a game in the open plains of eidolon, Cetus seems fine however

I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing it too, it started ont the latest update wich enabled heists on fortuna, but could be unrelated I guess

 The orokin -unum thing- tower appears wierldy out of place. It appears clearly as to where before she was obscured by a bit of fog, Looks like it's on the foreground, sometimes being visible through terrain (wasnt able to replicate consistently) and always visible through water surface (as seen in picture, let me know if the link breaks)
Also, dirigible are offset in relation to the tower, offset to the left when looking from west (left hand when exiting cetus's door) and the right when looking from east (right hand when exiting cetus's door)

It seems like the skybox had a layer of translucent texture wich acted as fog, and ensured that the horizon looks well ... belivable, and also having the littles dirigibles drawn on it. And that layer is somehow missplaced making everything wierd. I'm not sure as I'm not savy on rendering, shaders and stuff



I'll be happy to take more screenshots if that helps, hopefully without the discord overlay on that corner : P 

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