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DE please do something about the host migrations. They are a big turn off when doing missions. I was doing an endless fissure, then after 40 mins the host left and i was back in orbiter. Didn't got the rewards including some rare parts. And my relics were gone. This has happened a lot of times before. Please do something about this!!! Make the tenno happy!! 

Edit:- I got the rewards later. There was no inbox but i checked the foundary and found the rewards.

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Issue fixed
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We've been asking DE to fix this, quite literally, for *years*  ... Sorry for the bad news.


What Ordis reports as "found" are not your choices at the end of the round, but whatever was in your relic at the end of each round.  (For example, if your relics were four forma but you picked gold from other players, after host migration + fail you get an email with ... four forma in it.)

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