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Negative Things of Fortune (which I have experienced)


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First of all, I can not say much about part 2 Because I have not played yet

1: The map is uselessly large, which falls into the same problem as Plains, A large map, without content to fill that size

2: Beautiful caves and buildings, but with little or no interaction, we have a few things here and there that interact to take away objects that liberate passage, they do not have any use, which leaves great parts of these caves without goals, if not to mine

3: Most important problem: Points limit, These limits are OK to use in contents that are not required to release others, but in fortune, to release the Content of Part 2, depending on the person's MR, it will take 1 week or 2, if it is not for the player, or lack of skill, it's the game saying, "I decided that you will not be able to do this today",

The best way to resolve this would be to remove this limit Exclusively from Solaris United, Quadruples the number of points to climb Rank or decrease the amount of points you get in Bounts and items

It is much better to receive little, but always receive, than to be limited to X per day, everything will depend on the player, and the player will Grind More

I returned to play the Warframe I think mid-year, or a little later, and I stopped playing a little after fortune waiting for Part 2, I fought to play warframe (as always happens with all the games I play a lot) and literally, if it were not for the daily limit, I would have much more desire to play, I would be playing now,

These are little things that make a person win or lose the will to play ...

I think I've forgotten other things, but I'm sleepy, XD

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