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No translation through text subtitles


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In the wiki it is said, that "Helminth itself has no visible body, and is only encountered through its growls, whose meanings are translated through text subtitles.". When I enter the room I hear a growl, but I don't get any subtitles.

Also in the wiki it says: " If the player has been infected before completing The Glast Gambit, Helminth's lines will not play at all. To fix this bug, simply have the mature cyst removed from Nidus's neck, leave the room, re-enter and have Nidus re-infected. Helminth will then "awaken". Indeed I was infected before the Glast Gambit. So I did as it states and sat in the chair again. The cyst got cured but now I not only don't have any subtitles, but I also can't sit in the chair again to re-infect Nidus.

So how do I re-infect Nidus to "awaken" Helminth?

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