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Bane Of Infested & Bane Of Corpus



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I found this mods on grineer maps and void raid/ext always above tier 2.


Sorry for bad English i'm brazilian ;D

So Tier 3 voids?

I got bane of corpus from Cyath.

Thank you! Will keep farming >.<

Bane of infested. T3 Capture mission.

So the mod awarded at the end of the capture right? Not a mob drop?

Useless mods. Any elemental is way more effective.

Hue Hue Hue... not much to do aside from collecting when you have everything worth getting...
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Useless mods. Any elemental is way more effective.

You can always use it in combination with elementals. Then again, if you're doing a lot of Infested or Grineer, it's going to benefit you more than elementals because of armor. Medium and Heavy Grineer have no unprotected body parts while Ancients' unprotected body parts have unreliable hitboxes. Also, if you're using Acrid, you definitely want this instead of elementals because your DoT targets the torso and on the majority of enemies, the torso is protected. The same may be true for Torid and Ogris, although sometimes it shows you getting headshots (unknown if you're actually getting them; Molecular Prime does the same thing when datamining shows it targets the torso).


All in all, they're not really useless unless you're doing only T3s, where faction damage mods have no effect.


(by elementals I mean Fire, Freeze and Electricity)

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