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Optional Color Changing Of Some Assets


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A friend of mine recently started playing Warframe, and he's colorblind.
Now while it can be silly in some situations, I find that it could actually hinder some players who are similarly afflicted.


1: Mission Nodes

Earlier while playing, this same friend had asked how he could tell what missions he had already done, after joining me on content he'd not yet unlocked. I explained the Locks being missions that were unavailable, the white nodes being completed missions and the blue nodes being missions still awaiting completion. At this point he responded, "I didn't even know those were blue."


Perhaps the ability to change that color, with blue being the default of course, would be a good idea.

2: Ammo Drops

While this hasn't immediately been a problem, it could still stand to be an inconvenience to players that are colorblind.

Yes, Ammo drops do all have different shapes, but they are more easily recognizable by the color beacon they give off. An option to change the color of those beacons affiliated with each ammo type could be an interesting idea. 

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