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Transference Dash Fall Detection is Too Sensitive


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Hi all. I've had this problem for a while, and it seems to potentially be worsening over time. When I've completed a Void Dash in Transference mode, there are a variety of errant situations where the Operator simply falls and resets, even though there's safe ground below, or enough room to continue dashing before reaching a standard Warframe fall and reset point. This is doubly frustrating as it ruins the use of the Operator as a means for added mobility, as well as causing all buffs to get wiped away for the Warframe (as if the Warframe fell and reset) which is a real problem for frames that use powers to stay alive. Being the host, playing solo, or being connected to a host, doesn't seem to make much difference. 

Here's where it happens most:

- Any time I cross a gap with a fall and reset region, even if I never crossed above the empty area, falling slightly will cause a fall and reset. This often looks like I'm over safe ground, maybe a meter or two away from it, and as I descend towards it, I'm reset back to either the beginning of the dash section, or the area where I exited the Warframe regardless of where I started the dash sequence. 

- Falling slightly over a fall and reset gap will often trigger the reset, even if I am far above the gap. Many times they are places where I could have fallen much further with the Warframe and recovered safely. 

- Ceiling resets also seem much closer. There are many places where a Warframe could safely reach a height without a reset, but the Void Dash triggers a reset. This happens most notably when attempting to get atop the debris outcropping at the end of Corpus crashed ship tilesets by dashing up from the side. 


There are ways in which I recommend to improve this:

1) Decouple Operator falling from Warframe powers. There's no reason why the frame should lose persistent powers, it was just standing where it had been left behind, and it isn't like frame powers transfer to the operator anyway. If the falling issue is never resolved, at least this takes the edge off being reset after a void dash. 

2a) Improve the tolerance and thresholds for Void Dash triggering a fall and reset. Right now I feel as if my position and where the fall detector thinks I'm at are two different places, as if an invisible physics ball launches off from me when I dash, but falls or rises faster than the Operator, causing resets in areas where the frame still has plenty of room. 

2b) Alternatively, set up volumes where falls occur to treat Void Dash as if it is hitting solid mass. This may seem like it gives the effect of making contact for a moment, but being stopped halfway through a dash into a pit or above a play area ceiling would be more acceptable than the current issue of dashing safely over a pit and being inexplicably dropped and reset. 





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