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Gear Wheel Not Showing Items - plus broken


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My Gear Wheel has been floating between 48-50 items lately, but today I logged in and it's only showing 16, with a bunch missing.

However, it does tell me in my Arsenal that there are 50 items on it, but I can only see 16. Most of the things that are on it have been popping on and off of it randomly when I go to look at it at different times.

This Gear Wheel is absolute junk:

1. There is no way to insert new items between current items, so 1) if you run out of a certain item, that spot is automatically erased and moved in by the next item in the line, and 2) this makes it tough if you have a ton of items in your Wheel, because then if you want to put that item back in it's original spot, you have to delete every single item in your Wheel to put that back in its spot.

2. When you're choosing an item to put into your Gear Wheel from a huge list of items, you can't tell if that item is already in your Gear Wheel. There should be a check mark on your items when choosing, so that you know it's already in the Wheel.

A fix to this is easy:

1. There should be a page with all equipment that you can just click on or drag to move to the Wheel

2. Add in Insert to be able to put items back into spots where you have a Function key for easy access, so that if an item is removed by running out (or by accident), you can actually put it back.

There are a whole bunch of fixes to make this Gear Wheel easier to use that can be implemented, but I hesitate to even write anything because I haven't seen any fixes to this yet since it's implementation anyway.


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