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Host migration during bounty permanently stops new bounty matchmaking and cannot invite


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1. At Fortuna, start bounty, go to elevator, to Orb Vallis. Matchmaking, joined a squad. Bug only happens as a client, not host.

2. Complete step 1 of current bounty.

3. Host migration happens while on step 2, 3, 4 or 5. Either by using "Leave Squad" or the hosting player left squad or quit.

4. Complete bounty.

5. Try to invite with no bounty active. "Cannot join. Objective has been completed" why? Start a new bounty while in Orb Vallis, no matchmaking at all on step 1 of bounty.


The worst part of this bug is, the hosting player could "Leave Squad", host migration to other players in squad, and bug out for the rest of the squad into no matchmaking for new bounty, cannot invite. All while the hosting player have no host migration, and can continue to invite or matchmake on step 1 of new bounty while staying on Orb Vallis.


Normally, the game can do matchmaking while on step 1 of any bounty, and only blocks invites on step 2 or later steps of bounty. Invites should become available after bounty is complete, ready to do matchmaking on new bounty while staying on Orb Vallis. Host migration may cause this to never doing matchmaking.

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