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Shield Polarize Rework Idea.


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Shield polarize should be reworked or changed In my opinion its not so good to use...

Shield polarize should restore Mag shields to be more useful, and now that pulse are a fashion stuff in warframe, what about Shield polarize causing mag emits a pulse in a X radius restoring X/X/X/X% of shields from any near ally or Low the shields from any near Enemy... Just 1 pulse.


Like this:


Radius 20m (same as EV) scale with stretch

Shield effect 25/50/75/100% ( this means the amount of shields that can be restore or drain)


I mean its not like enemies tend to have more shields than HP so even if its a 100% shield drain it wont be OP as it wont kill any mob, also same for warframes... not many Warframes have high shields and this way she can have a support power like trinity but just focusing on shields, also this will allow mag to keep going in the fight and yes it wont be OP as in higher lvls we all know that mobs can deal massive dmg and the toxics ignore shields.


What do you think about this??

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