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Foundry name and visual bug


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Experienced a visual bug where the foundry displayed the incorrect name of an item:

Logged in earlier this morning and went through my items being crafted in the foundry. I noticed that I was crafting an Ember chassis, and thought to myself "why am I building another Ember chassis? I'm already crafting Ember. Did I do it by accident?" I cancelled the craft and was refunded the items while getting a message that the Argon Crystals won't be refunded. I felt something wrong with that message but didn't think twice about it. I logged in later the day, checked my foundry again, and thought "where's the Hydroid chassis I was crafting? I remember getting all the blueprints and parts, it's crossed off in my notes." I looked through my inventory and did not see the chassis or the blueprints for it.

Then I thought back to the Ember chassis I cancelled, how weird it was that I crafted it by accident and that I got a message regarding Argon Crystals not being refunded. I looked up the recipes and the Ember chassis did not use Argon Crystals, but the Hydroid one did. I had cancelled the Hydroid chassis thinking it was an Ember chassis because the foundry for some reason displayed it with the name Ember chassis.

I don't know if this is just with Ember/Hydroid chassis or if this is a random bug that happens, but please make sure the Foundry displays names correctly. I don't expect any customer service regarding this, the parts are pretty easy to farm, just make sure this bug is squashed.

Also: There is a visual bug in the message that says the Argon Crystals won't be refunded, the formatting is incomplete and so some of the text formatting code can be seen.

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