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[SPOILERS] Helios Scanning during Missions


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Spoilers (kinda) ahead.



When I use


Operator mode

while my Warframe is near a scan target, Helios will constantly try and scan the item/target/object.  But until I reenter my Warframe, Helios will NOT scan anything successfully.


As an example, I was doing a Mobile Defense mission.  Helios was trying to scan the Console/Terminal that I needed to hack.  I had my Warframe and Helios near the console while I was in 


Operator Mode

 Helios kept trying to scan the Console/Terminal.  But the scan never completes until I am back in my Warframe.  Then the scan completes correctly.


Warframe doesn't matter.  I am using Helios (Not Prime).  I don't know what Mod(s) Helios has.

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