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Tenno Chronicles Prelude Stories


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Greetings Tenno!

My name is Vittoria St. Martin and I used to be the head writer for Dadefuye's Tenno Diaries YouTube series, writing stories such as 'Oksana Rising' and 'Rhino's Vigil."

Since our team has now left DA's YouTube channel, we've started up fresh, and I have started writing prelude stories before we release our first episode.

These have also been posted to the Amino app and have been received very well - so it was suggested that I post them here and hopefully you all enjoy them roo! 

The First One is entitled 'Habeas Corpus': Oksana and her clan leader Mal in their Ember Prime and Nyx Prime Warframes head to Cetus to help clear out the ghouls, but when a Corpus Bounty Hunter comes looking for the Ember Prime, their plans take a dangerous turn...

Habeas Corpus 

The Second One is a two part story: The Sands of Death! 
Oksana returns in her Ember Prime, dragged along by her clan mates, Ostin in his Frost Prime, Connor's Mesa, and Akio's Rhino prime to retrieve a box stolen by the Grineer, but things start getting eerie in the Martian Temple when it turns out the box is actually the coffin of an Inaros Warframe....
Part 1
The Sands of Death: Part 1

Part 2
The Sands of Death: Part 2

I'm always open to suggestions and I would love to hear your feedback - I do also intend to write more stories and post a couple of RP stories if you would all like to see them.

Thank you for reading, and see you in the Void Tenno! o/

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