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Gear Wheel not a vortex


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Issues I've encountered:

  • Too many items to go through and select a specific one
  • Items missing from wheel after each update/hotfix
  • Items not keeping in order when I want to add or remove gear
  • Too much gear to keybind at a time


  • Allow players to have multiple gear wheels we may swap between using a keybind
    • ex. If I want a gear wheel (non-spiral) dedicated to pads for squadmates and another gear wheel dedicated to just specters then I can swap between them and use the same keybinds at anytime in the mission.
    • If I have more than 2 or 3 gear wheels I may select a specific wheel by selecting the center of the wheel and choosing one.
  • Add a Spiral option for gear wheel in Interface section
  • Leave an empty slot where an item was removed until the player closes and reopens the gear wheel
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