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2 Khora Bugs — Replicatable


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1. Ensnare vs Guardians @ high ping

At ping higher than ~150 you cannot cast Ensnare (skill #2) against Kuva Guardians (only them).

Tested this extensively with multiple hosts at Taveuni, and asked others to test before posting to make sure this is not false.

To replicate: Connect to a host with 150+ ping, disarm a Kuva Guardian with an Operator, cast Ensnare.


2. Strangledome vs enemies in Stasis

Strangledome (skill #4) deals no damage vs mobs frozen by Limbo. The mobs also are not captured when Stasis / Bubble expires, but the Dome is still up — they simply run inside the Dome with zero f's given.

To replicate: Go to Simulacrum, 1 Tester as Khora, 1 Tester as Limbo. Limbo freezes the mobs, Khora casts the Dome.


Both bugs are fully replicable. The #1 is a big deal.

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