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More Operator Abilitys


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What do you Guys think if your Operator could Wield a Sword or get better at Moving around that old Crouched stance look reta**ed  what if he could jump high some kind of operator version of the  bulletjump mby with some AMP like thing but for legs or just Train like a Dax and get strong 😄 ...a Good idea is also  REMOVE the Tenno Schools  and make A Single Skill tree to chose Mobility or Health or Energy regen  like to MIX and MATCH ALL Those abilitys from all the Schools in a total of  5 Abilitys of choosing from this combined skill tree into a single loadout .. for example I want to have Enrgyzeing dash but I want some tackiness for my Operator to battle a little to or some dash speed some of the Schools abilitys are useless and not even used so why not make ONE single Tree to create you OWN playstyle

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