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Arbitrarily extending playtime with low drop chances is the opposite of fun.


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While I understand the nature of MMOs is to keep players on a treadmill such that they never truly "finish" the game but rather keep coming back to play, I would like to express my thoughts on the unnecessary grind that's been introduced with the Profit Taker heist. The first time through, Profit Taker is a neatly crafted story mission, akin to a bite-sized quest line one might find in more traditional MMORPGs. The second and third time through, players are building competence and expanding their skills by learning the nuanced combat mechanics.

However, Profit Taker requires far more than a dozen runs to get the rewards. Given that the rare mods are approximately a 1% drop, it requires, statistically speaking, close to 100 runs. Per phase. Times four phases, that's 400 runs. At this point, Profit Taker is artificially extending playtime without adding anything of substance to the game. A 1% drop rate on an end of mission reward is just asking players to either a) give up, or b) grind for hours on end in an unhealthy manner. IF the item drop in question could be purchased from the market for platinum, I would not have an issue with the abysmal drop rate, because then players could decide for themselves if the item is worth the time or the money.

As much as it pains me to admit it, I fall into the "b" category of gamers. I've been trying for days to get a copy of Sabot Rounds, to the point where if I have just 15 minutes before I have to go somewhere, I log in and run Phase 3 of the heist. After a week of doing this, I'm not any happier with the game. I'm fed up. I'm burned out. I'm disillusioned. I have enough gyromag/atmo/repeller systems to make ALL the weapons and amp parts that require them, but I still don't have a single copy of Sabot Rounds, nor any of the new strain mods. (Which, honestly are worthless to me since I don't play Nidus.)

My hope was that the new archgun deployers could be great with the right mods. The reality is they aren't worth the effort.

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