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[Exploit][Game Mechanics] - Player can defeat Lt Lech Kril as their operator after using Rhino Stomp (Exta - Ceres)


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During the Assassination mission for Lt. Lech Kril & Cpt. Vor on Exta - Ceres, the player can use Rhino Stomp to stun Lt Lech Kril. Once he is stunned, the player can go in their operator form and defeat him with their amp. Lt. Lech Kril will focus on the empty Frame after being stunned, leaving the player able to focus on his weak points wihtout dodging his attacks.

[Steps to Reproduce]

  1. Equip Rhino or Rhino Prime
  2. Go to Exta - Ceres
  3. Go through the waypoint
  4. Defeat Cpt. Vor
  5. Use Rhino Stomp on Lt Lech Kril
  6. Press 5 to go in Operator mode


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