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[Suggestion] Move hidden caches from sabotage missions to survival missions

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It makes sense to me that the hidden caches should be in the survival missions rather than the sabotage missions.

People are dedicated to spending time in survival missions and there being hidden caches would be incentive to roam around instead of hunkering down in a corner somewhere.

If the hidden caches were moved to survival missions, people would have a soft mission objective from the beginning. Beyond making it to those first five minutes, they'd want to stay in a little longer to find those caches. Plus, the longer they spend looking for the caches, the harder the mission gets.

I'd also like to invite anybody who disagrees to tell me if they know anybody who farmed for their xiphose ship. Xiphose is a ship whose parts drop exclusively from hidden caches at a 0.5% chance. Everybody I've seen with one says they bought it. Now, I could complain about the drop rate, which is quite low, but I see the better opportunity to be in moving the hidden caches

Sure, it'd be nice to have them in every mission, but if we load every mission up with scavenger hunts it would clutter up the screen.

Sabotage missions are valuable in that they show us interesting ways a ship or base functions... and lets us wreck it! We get to be the gremlins tearing the wings off the airplane and such. There's not much call for sticking around and exploring. Once the objective is popped, there's no further reward for most players.

At least in a survival mission, if a player heard somebody say "hold on, I want to find the caches" they might consider the extra wait as being worth it. For the player who doesn't need the caches, a couple more survival waves might hold a relic or mod they were farming for and convince them to step off the extraction point. (Granted, most of you are awesome and would be patient, but there's always been that time when we've had other things to do and sticking around wasn't what we had planned.)

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