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Clan Dojo Decoration: Rush UI Not Updating Platinum Balance


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So I was doing some decorating in the freezer in my dojo to make it look a bit more festive and frosty, and I realized after rushing a few items with my own personal plat, that the amount of plat I own seemed to not have changed. Naturally optimistic, I assumed I had somehow encountered a bug that was allowing me to rush the items for free, and so I did what any sane person would do in such a scenario. I attempted to rush as many things as possible for "free" while I could.


Well it turns out what was really going on is the UI was simply not reflecting my new balance after each rush, and soon enough I got an "insufficient funds" error and realized I had actually spent all my plat. Shame.

Bugsquashers, if you would be so kind, would you please fix this little UI issue before more people suffer the same blunder I did? Thanks.


Happy new year. Sincerely, Alexis_Walker




(P.S. I also am including some screenshots below. Maybe they'll provide some help in the squashening.)



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Attempting to fix imgur link that failed, again.
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