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Telos Syandana: How does it work? (solved)


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So there seems to be a bit of confusion on how the Telos Syandana exactly works, as evidenced from A LOT of forum posts saying how its blood visual effect is supposedly bugged at random times. The wiki is exactly thorough on explaining how this effect works either.


  • The Syandana will glow brighter for a short duration after each kill during a mission.
  • After around 20 melee kills, the Syandana will begin to visibly drip with blood. Then it will continue to become progressively bloodier until the maximum of about 100 melee kills is reached.
  • Headshot kills also make the syandana drip with blood.

After a bit of testing it's apparent that the blood effect isn't a bug or a buggy feature; rather, the blood effect is a feature of the syandana that only begins to show if certain conditions are met. Five conditions to be exact:

  1. Enemies that use Machinery, Robotic, or Infested for their health type will not contribute to the blood visual effect. Only enemies that use Cloned Flesh, Flesh, Infested Flesh, and Fossilized as their health type will add blood to the syandana (unknown for Sinew).
  2. Upon killing an enemy, it must be dismembered to add to the blood effect (hence why slash weapons and slash mods seemed like they were more effective in achieving this).
  3. The targeted enemy's behavior must be alerted, not cautious or unalerted (shown in detail through mods like Enemy Sense where a fully filled red triangle on the map represents a fully alerted enemy).
  4. The enemy must not be under the effect of a crowd control ability that can lower their behavior level (e.g. blind, sleep) but other crowd control abilities that do not affect awareness level, such as Rhino Stomp, are fine.
  5. You must not be invisible.

Basically, this all comes to the Telos Syandana really showing its best when you're fighting/cutting up aggressive enemies without hiding or using stealth finishers. It's a nice little touch to the syandana of the 'righteous' Arbiters of Hexis, contrasting from the more 'lethal' style of Red Veil whereas their syandana actually demands a stealthier approach.

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