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Grand Hall Dojo Bug


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I've recently decided to remodel my clan dojo to make it tidier (I'm the Warlord of my clan), as I discovered how many doors the Grand Hall has and want to cut down on unnecessary hallways, which I have a lot of. So to do that I'm demolishing the second story of my dojo, which includes a Grand Hall, a Greater Hall, and a Great Hall, along with some hallways.


The problem is that I can't seem to delete the Grand Hall. I have many hundreds more unused capacity points than the hall provides, and I do not have a Grandest Hall built or constructing. I also do not have any rooms but the initial hallway attached to the Grand Hall. Nonetheless, the UI in the dojo doesn't give me the option to get rid of it. There's no red button on the room's terminal to destroy it, and I've gone over the rules for destroying rooms several times to make sure I didn't miss anything relevant that would prevent me from axing it.


So I can only conclude it's some kind of UI bug, hence the report. Any help with this issue is appreciated.


Thank you!

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