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Void Enemies: More Or Less The Same Thing


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*Yes. I know this has been mentioned before.*


The more and more I head into the Void, the more I think of how "let-down" I feel when it comes to the enemies. They're more or less the exact same thing as their Non-Corrupted counterparts, and just so happen to mix and match Corpus, Grineer, and Infested together.


Basically, my little gripe here isn't that the enemies are hard or anything like that. It's that they're essentially reskinned (and maybe tougher?) enemies. I'd like to possibly see more diverse enemies in the Void instead of simple reskins.


NOTE: I forget, but in the most recent Livestream the Devs may have mentioned adding new Void enemies, but I am unsure and too lazy to check.


Anyway, just my two cents.


EDIT: They may be placeholders, but don't quote me on that. I'm not entirely sure on the matter.

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I think they should for the most part they should keep the current currupted enemy types and then add harder 'enhanced' corrupted. Which shows how the Orokin security system tries to bolster it's defenses and could show how the Security system is basically tamed infestation and what we have grown to know as infested are actually run amok infested whom for some reason or another are no longer under control of a Orokin security system.

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