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Xini Wave Defense Bug


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This happened on wave 19, as we were clearing the remaining mobs that is left behind in their spawn point, this one toxic ancient seem to be stuck on the wall and floor just outside one of the spawn point.

There were only two of us left, a Nova, whom I think only has his molecular prime equipped and I, A nyx user. I don't know about his gears but my flux rifle has shred on it, and at first, I thought I can easily kill it since I can see most of him, but to my dismay, It was of no use.

Also, the ancient seems to be misplaced, as it deals it's poison damage to us not where it is standing but a few meters off to my front on the first pic.




Yes, I'm sure if we had along with us a frame with an AOE skill, like Saryn's Miasma, Rhino's Stomp to mention a few, it wouldn't be a problem. But we didn't, sadly, we had to kill ourselves with the toxic's poison to get out of the mission thus wasting a few minutes of our time on an unfruitful defense mission. 

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