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So Much Potential!


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Fascinating game I must say! My lil bro introduced me last year or so and he hasn't gotten me to play it until a few weeks ago, and I must say it's rather impressive.

The way the co-op is set up I feel it's a unique approach to gaming, and though I have only watched a PVP match, I gotta say, this game seems to promote a LOT of respect towards other gamers (Unlike the other ones where someone ends up screaming at you because you're just trying to play a game). In short, even though some players may still be rude, it's almost impossible to be mad at someone after you've been back to back with them after finishing wave 10 on a defence mission and you've both been revived about 20 times. But as mentioned before this game is still growing, and I'm a little excited to see what it becomes

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