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A Question About Strun Wraith.



Not long time ago I made a topic about the Survival event, and I asked when it will be back. Someone said that survival event will be as a Normal mode (always playalable) in U10, But I forgot to ask the question I want -_-


Since The Strun Wraith it's the most awesome gun I never see in Warframe, will there be another way to get it?


Or will there be a new Survival event when you will get it? Because in the 3rd of September I was on Holiday, and I couldn't join that event.

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On the bright side I'm sure there are going to be more weekend events with exclusive stuff in the future.


Missing out on one event-exclusive weapon isn't the end of the world - in my case I missed the Braton and Lato Vandal but I just shrugged and let it go, I ain't even mad.

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