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Gorudah Clan Character Bios 2.0


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Hello everyone, This topic is solely for the Gorudah Clan member's character bios. Please do not spam this with random junk, If you want to join the clan go to this link (the clan page).



A character bio (can be at minimum a paragraph, no maximum, I will read them all) is encouraged for some easy-going roleplay. The bio should include some background story on your tenno (not warframe, that is a suit you use). It is assumed that all Tenno start out with memory loss, therefore your bio can talk about your time on Mercury/Venus/any planet you want to originate from. I have made a personal bio for everyone to look at as a sort-of guide. (you do not have to follow it completely)

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Character Name: Krom

Gender: Male
Time Played When Bio was Created: 1 Month
Warframe(s): Primarily Rhino, then Loki


My name is Krom, at least that's what the Tenno I have met with have called me by. I do not know my true name or where I am from. I was told that I was apart of a war many decades ago. I escaped a cryo pod on a failed defense mission on Venus. I stole a Loki suit from the dead Tenno who had died trying to defend my pod. It has been a month since I awoke. I have seen many Grineer and Corpus fall to my bullet and blade.

I have only recently begun to question the morality of my "missions" assigned to me by the "Lotus". However, I have also encountered four "stalkers" and have seen them slaughter my Tenno allies like a cook swats flies. These experiences have left me to remain undecided as to weather or not I will remain with the "Lotus" or rebel and fight for my own reasons. Until then, I shall remain a force to be reckoned with.

I realize that many other Tenno are at war with themselves on which side to align themselves too. I have just made a Rhino suit and shall use its strength to guide and seek aid from these other Tenno. I shall remain neutral to help resolve conflict between the Tenno in the clan.

All who join my clan will be seen. No Tenno will be unheard.

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