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Rage Inducing Glitches


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"jumping agility test"


Holy crap, this is the same test its given me twice in a row now and its glitchy and the controls are unpredictable.


I have done all the jumps a billion times with no problems or mistakes in levels but when it wants me to run jump
horizontal, he runs verticle instead, EVERY TIME.

Also when I fall off the platform and have to respawn, I respawn into thin air and fall to my demise


Over and over til the mission fails!!!


It seriously &!$$es me off. At least randomize the tests if youre not going to fix it. Thats mega crap.

I assume Im the billionth person to report that?


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??? Try running on top of those walls and normal jump up the platform.

really only works on the last one, iirc.


however, i have a loki set up with the necessary mods (energy siphon, decoy, teleport switch, streamline, range - forget it's name - and flow --all maxed, of course).. oh, and marathon - NOT RUSH - stamina will be ur best friend here, speed will only hurt u.


throw a decoy on top of the platform. make sure when u "target" when ur putting it, don't target the platform directly, as the floor is clear and ur "target" will be off in deep space and the decoy will just fall to it's death - no good for u at the waste of energy...


target the black arrow, usually the very tip >

then go back as far as possible, tele switch with it. if it doesn't work (last time i had these tests) and u DO fall, u'll respawn where the decoy was.

i haven't tried this part, but theoretically, u could just put up a decoy on the last platform, jump off, respawn and finish.

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I tried again today and it game me a sneaking mission, which was totally awesome, but it was broken.


I got discovered, the screen went white and the game didnt stop. I was just stuck getting shot at with a blank white screen.


Had to quit the game and lose my chance for another 24 hours.


However I am more excited that something involving actual stealth gameplay was added to be angry.


Cant wait to see where they take that after it gets fixed.

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So I played the stealth mission again today and the enemies didnt even spawn in the last part.


had to leave without finishing and thus sacrificing another 24 hours.


I swear Ive been trying to reach level 10 for a week now but the glitches prevent it.


This is becoming like my journal of the impossible mission.



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