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Aim Down Sight


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Please go through forums before making a new thread.  This suggestion has already been on the front page within the last 24 hours.


Normally I would agree, but the thing is, this "improvement" is suggested on regular basis since alpha version of the game and that is few months ago already... yet nothing improved, although we got improvements for sprinting and wall running.

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u said improvements to sprinting and wall running, which the only major improvements i've seen since cbt as far as this was mods. with aiming, the "eye" mods are the improvements we've gotten.


ergo i did not miss the point. if u look hard enough, i upvoted the OP because, just the same, i want to aim down sight, not using an "on screen" sight all the time. give us an option checkbox in settings for one vs the other.. something. but imho, in all likelihood, we'll just get a mod for that. that seems to be their favorite way to do things.. almost sound like google sometimes with "we've got a mod for that"

(side note: they said there's something like 20+ new mods in u10... wouldn't doubt if that was one of them lmao)


*besides, it's too buggy and often times the projectiles are blocked by items that aren't actually "blocking" the barrel of the gun. i'll find myself leaning out from behind a box / crate, being shot by something and shooting back, while my projectiles (bolts, arrows, bullets, etc) are all hitting the crate i'm sitting behind.

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Ok so maybe I misunderstood the OP, but didn't he just want to be able to toggle on/off for aiming instead of holding the aim button all the time?

This has nothing in common with mods.

I was talking about CONTROLS all the time, just check them in OPTIONS > CUSTOMIZE KEY BINDINGS.

Before there was only "Sprint/Roll" but nowadays, we have "Toggle Sprint" and "Hold to Sprint" the same way you can "Hold crouch" and "Toggle on/off crouch".

And this is, what I think, the OP is talking about.

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