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Late in 2018, PS4 provided to its players a video with most played games on PS4. And, of course, Warframe was on top for me. The thing is, Playstation says I've played for 3500h, but Warframe counter says 2500h... So there's about 1000h in game where I was just doing 'nothing'.
Now, I do believe that if DE (that's you) devoted some serious resources to the Nexus App and it had a serious Update (and possibly you advertised it better in-game), we could do a lot more outside game to save time. Namelly: roll rivens, rank up mods and (specially) costumize loadouts. Other than this, between Loading times, Arsenal, Forge and other stuff, I do belive my most time 'wasted' was (you guessed it): trading.

Now, everyone loves a good deal, but wasting 1/3 of playtime to get it is too much. There are some "outside" alternatives, but DE requires you to always be in game to trade itens (which is fair enough imo). Despite this, I do believe there could be another way... The same way some people leave Ads in PS Casual Community or in Market.Warframe, we could also leave (not Ads, but) our itens exposed in Maroo's Bazar. The same console we use to trade Ducats in Relays, could be placed there and used to that affect. You would aproach it and, upon interact with it, two options would appear:
-What do you want to sell?
-What do you want to buy?

By choosing WTB you would get access to the "Inventory itens" players left there to trade. You could them narrow your search like you do in your Inventory, and them by clicking on the item (instead of showing credit price on the right) it would show the IGN of the player (or players) selling it, and you could them click on it to contact him/her via Chat.

If you choose WTS, you could them leave ONE exposé (that's a showcase of 5 itens, like you normally do in Maroo when you set up Shop) with the 5 itens you would like to sell/trade. Them, you would just leave and during your playtime the itens would be up until you left the game or removed it/them. People wanting to buy would check if the itens they wanted were available and them contact the player. But mind you, to do the actual trade you would still have to go to Maroo or to a Dojo to do it, of course.
The great advantage of this would be that, you wouldn't need to stop playing to just be standing there with your hand up in Maroo or watching trade chat constantly, waiting to find a good deal. Instead you could still be playing (and chatting for whatever), thus making also the playtime a lot more efficient.

Also, none of this need something "new" to be created (no new UI or interface), everything is already in game, DE would just need to hotwire everything... Of course.

TL;DR - Instead of seting up shop in Maroo, which doesn't let you leave or play the game, to better use your time in Warframe, you would "expose" your 5 itens in a console in Maroo and could them leave to do your business. The "exposé" would only be available while you are in-game and in your particular server/region. It would also only show you itens of other player in-game atm.

[I decided to make this post after seeing on today's Devstream #122 that DE is looking at trading again and making some changes to its UI. I have suggest it this years back when starting Warframe, but I have refined the idea to fit DE's standards due to this issue getting more and more pressing, with the game becoming so big and having more and more itens to trade - Also, possibly in the far future you could see what itens players want to sell or buy in player profile, like we do now with "Wishlists".]

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