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Weapon Wishlist


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A couple of weapons that I'm missing from the game and would like to see included: 


snubnose revolver

toxic dart rifle

flare gun

breech loader gun

teleport gun

sonic or ultrasonic weapons

any less than lethal weapon

wormhole and/or singularity weapon

a separate minigun and light machine gun because the gorgon tries to be both and ends up being neither

grenade launcher (either regular, shock or EMP)


a sticky bomb laucher that's paiload doesn't detonate on impact but when trigered

expandable baton

throwable tomahawk

some toxic ooze/gas rifle (continuous)

tesla coil gun

ball lightning rifle


Any thoughts on the above mentioned or you have a wishlist of your own, leave a comment.

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No offense, but most of these don't fit Warframe and/or are stupid.


So you're saying that as a space ninja of the 110th century it's okay for me to be stalthy with a rocket launcher/sawed off shotgun, it's sci-fi enough to use a desert eagle and I'm as gracefull with a two handed hammer or a man tall scythe as the original ninjas of medival Japan.

Please define me the general style and feel of the game that forbids the inclusion of the originally posted weapons. Although i know it was meant as a joke but even the shark could be made sense of in this game :)


Come on ppl, let your imagination run wilde, I'm sure there are some great ideas out there.

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So how about a gun shaped like a shark, thats shoots fishes at people, and when they get hit by one the'll be confused and watch it flop on the ground. Then i giant space whale will come and smash them :) Instant one hit kill cuz lulz


sounds reasonable...

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