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Octavia’s Music

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Hello Tenno! I’m here to spread knowledge about a “bug” within the game... I say “bug” with quotation marks as it may not be.

But hear me out. (In advance, I sincerely apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but I do wish that you all read this through)

Doing actions to the beat of Octavia’s music achieves.... Nothing.

I, and many of my fellow framers, have noticed that to recieve Octavia’s buffs, you must do things in a strangely delayed/off beat way. As a person who can play a multitude of instruments, from the drums to piano to guitar, I know that I have a good sense of rythym and a deep love for music. For this reason, I was extremely excited to see the frame based entirely on that same thing. Octavia. I grinded several hours of survival to finally get her nueroptics and I waited 3 days as she completed building.. only to find out that I truly cannot stand playing as this frame. It is frustrating to do everything on beat, on time, on tempo.... and not recieve a single buff. The visuals are off and the time frame you get for an action to count as “on time” or “correct” is in a delayed spot between notes, no matter how you look at it.

I can garuntee than most musically advanced players have been driven away from Octavia because of this, and most of the players who don’t mind the delay, never cared as much about Octavia in the first place. It definitely takes away from the immersion when I have to stop mid mission just to compensate for the delay to recieve a buff, and it makes the frame much less enjoyable as a whole. And yes, I am aware you can spam the melody on every beat in all 4 measures but there should not be a reason that doing so is required just to use the bonuses Octavia gives. Besides, no one wants to listen to a mini-maxed Octavia throughout a whole 3 hour survival.

I just ask that the people at Digital Extremes, who have brought us an AMAZING free to play game, look into this issue, and adjust things so that the gamers who really love music, and are excited to use Octavia, just as I once was, will be able to enjoy this frame. Thank you for reading, and may RNG be ever in your favor    : )

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This Video explained for me at about the 4:10 mark. That being said I am not musically advanced and am also playing on PC so that might change things. 

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