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Client Freezes After Ending A Mission


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The duration of the freeze is random, but usually exceeds 5-10 seconds. Often, this follows with the UI locking up once control of the client can be made once more - Meaning you have to reboot the game in order to resume normal operation.


This problem persists with Multi-threading on and off. Tested it, as I thought it was just an issue with multi-threading.

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have it aswell, even more so(maybe 20 seconds) when im on nekros.

Also on another freeze note: when going out of the dojo and entering the foundry, i have to restart the game cause it will just get stuck. on the right side i will see the resources , but i wont be able to see the bigger prt of hte screen where the blueprints are shown. Cannot go back , to arsenal or anything , so restarting the game is the only option left.

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