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Sentinel Weapons Can't Use Any Mods My Rifle Can Anymore?


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it a nice update, but i am hating the limit on the sentinel weapons with mods. it makes no sense to let frame to frame and weapon to weapon mod sharing, but sentinel weapons can't even use any mods any other weapons might be using.


and for me it removed all my mods from my deth machinegun without any warning and now i can't put any mods back on it when the mods are used on anything at all.


it is dumb way to do it as it undoes the rework you did on making it so you didn't need a dup for every weapon. if ya gonna do this then just make sentinel weapon mods instead of making them share mods with the primary and secondary weapons if they can't even use them at the same time like the other weapons can.


it really the only thing in the changes i seen that don't like and it makes no sense in the total scheme of the work you did.


but that's my opinion, take it as you will.

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