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(XB1)Weeb On Weed

Want An Experienced Dojo Decorator

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I have opened my own dojo and have started building the rooms, preparing for when I will open the dojo to the public to start accepting more members (for the moment it's me, myself and i).


However, I lack in any sort of skill when it comes to trying to decorate the dojo/theme of the clan...


I'm looking for someone that is good at doing that type of things and wanting to help. (I am paying too, depending on the quality and such, so therefore I'd like to see photos of previous work. I can pay with plat or $$$, depending on pricing and the work that goes into it.) So we can negotiate a price based off of what I'm looking for an such. Of course I would need to provide resources and whatnot that is required for the decorations/rooms.


PM me or post here if interested... Hope this was the right place to post it.

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