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What Should Be Imporved For Making A Perfect Game Perfectly Perfect!


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0º REMOVE GEAR S#&$! Is @(*()$ cheating! This game is about tactics and a shooter not a POTION FEAST!!!
1º Ajustar ayuda: in inventory screen (damage, rate, accuracy, and ammo) dont show any help significant when you point with the mouse.
2º Ajustar carga de Rifle Braton.
3º Glitch on Grineer Boss Exta.
4º No back button in inventory gear in arsenal.
5º Glitch on Xini Alert (spaceship scenario graphic glitches).
6º Less Life on Hot scenarios!
7º AKLATO crits dont show in YELLOW!
8º Corpses show help in an odd inverse way!
9º AFURIS has too much damage and AKLATO should have at least 25 with the old sound!
10º LATO new sound is #$$ as you developers!
11º Not Comparing in Melee weapons.
12º Gear slots should be half in number or recharge quantity of each item should be half!
13º Money scalation insanely high, it makes any sense: so high you can buy all the game and still have millions of money!
14º Updating the mods screen was really nice but it can be updated again to follow the line you pretended when you update it the first time: evolve to show duplicates of each tag of mods screen!
15º HUD top-right window doesnt show the real experience or affinity like you say!
16º Not really an issue but you can "moderate" a little bit 10 levels mods by equilibrating them a to the rate 5 mods rank experience growing.
17º Ok the same theme again but on another issue: 3 ranked mods should grow better by fusing them with another higher levels 3-rank-mods of the same type!
18º More HD letters! Now! These new letter are too blurred, and more for people like me which have high near eye view! (Hypermetropy on two eyes)
19º Thats the way I mean, like how Venom Mod scalates in ranks! with other same-type identical name mods!
20º OMFG repair that #$$ weapon sounds: turn back to BRATON-LATO clasical sounds since they better show the real power of those weapons; turn back corpse crew clasical weapon sounds OMG!
21º Doors sometimes dont close correctly.
22º Warframe Shield Animation Recovery System: piece of S#&$; indeed you must rethink the entire system; when it starts to recovery from zero is cool but when it is fully recovered you should think another animation and even think for another animation when it is recovering, that way the player should enjoy more the fight and dont think about HUD's technical numbers at least in that moment.
23º More Stamina Drawing from Melee Weapons and more Base Melee Hit Rate or at least More Melee Speed Scalation (Mods).
24º Affinity I Update in each mission continues to not being updated when I left or fail the mission; Anoying!
25º Finally! Make the Enemies even more Realist: make grunts (Grineer) faster in Melee Combat (not crashing the Animation Realism: maybe better faster animations similar to that we players have!?); More damage to them without changing again weapon realism; I see enemies giving me alot of Experience (Affinity) and no effort for it!; More ARMOR to grunts: More ARMOR in crew
Finally and Afterall CHANGE that @(*()$ A.I., Improve it Evolve it, The WORD in this game is EVOLUTION, isnt that the name of the Engine!?
26º Update to the Set Improvement! Give each warframe suit atached to a set of weaponry or Make Sets alive other way like having sets of customized warframes and weapons. This doesnt mean the old system is gone: you can continue to use the old way in new manners like customizing and changing weapons in a Set!
27º At begining in older Warframe version high rates melee weapons like dual zoren scaled correclty with +x% hit rate mod. Now is a piece of S#&$ cause I have moded them and I dont notice any chance, only the usual speed (2 hits per second).
28º Somtimes when i click on play game before waitng a squad to join a mission it doesnt work and it says game not available after clicking too much times (being online).
29º Too much POTENCY to the ACCURACY stat! SICK!
30º PLEASE: put warframe choice too in Z menu!

31º Let us organize mods when in sloting them in the arsenal!!!
32º Lets go back to individual weapon mods!!! It was @(*()$ immersively realist $&*&*#(%&!!!
33º Store Unit from activate datamass console should open wide like an "anus" to make the game more immersive!

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