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Derelict Keys, Same Old Hosting Problem


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As with void keys, there is the problem that in my Ghost clan only two people can host.

We end up with a lot of nav coordinates and keys being totally useless because the people having them can't open a map for their friends.

It's the same old problem. DE, PLEASE allow key trading. Or allow us to set who is hosting. Or get dedicated servers already...

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We don't want to spam, but we think it's a serious thing.

Update10 is a Derelict lottery, and with some minor changes it can be ok.

BUT some people have the same old problem: CAN'T HOST.

Why should I build some keys if I cannot play them with my friends?

People tried everything they could: port fowarding, disabling firewall, waffles on router...everything.

SO please please please before throwing cool updates, look up to hosting issues. Yes, I'm begging you :(

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