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Kiliken Mission Reward Glitch


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Myself and a friend were completed the Defense mission on Kiliken and when we got to our level 15 reward the game glitched and gave us "Ancient Retribution" and said instead of claim, it gave us  "Random Mission" and of course to continue to fight it said "Random Mission" as well... I feel cheated I wanted that mod :P 


I have a screenshot, http://postimg.org/image/d9j0wxqo5/



NSDCGaming/Daniel & Derfdca/Dale

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Woah look at that thing. I don't think that was in the list of new mods either.


Maybe a preview of a new mod(s) down the road? Who knows. That name's pretty awesome though.


I agree... I like the description of the mod "Damage against inflected increases by 7.5 increases by 7.5 increases by 7.5 increases by 7.5!" Haha!! DIBS! 

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