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  1. Except it isn't, because there's a time limit, as I stated in my post you conveniently ignored 90% of. Someone enters mid season, they're never getting max rank. Someone enters a season later, they're never seeing the rewards of the previous season. Ever. This system exists purely to try and pressure people into playing with time limited fluff. Now, if instead, more ranks were added, or you could switch between seasons as more were added or something, as opposed to time-limted rotating seasons, then yes I'd agree this is objectively better. It'd actually be FANTASTIC. But that's not the case. DE decided to take the worst elements on Destiny's Eververse seasons, give people less time to complete them, and implement that instead. Reading things really helps, when you wanna try and argue with someone.
  2. Except I already said that I have other occupations, and didn't find any of the 'rewards' endearing or motivating whatsoever. I could get it all in 1 hour for all I care. I still wouldn't do it, 'cus nothing about it is intriguing. I have better things to do with my time, as I already stated. That's great that they wanna rework things. Fabulous even. I'm a very big advocate of reworking systems in the game to not be complete ass. But when they're reworked to be objectively WORSE, then no, I'm not gonna really be happy about that. And what??? Endo is better than fusion cores? I'm sorry, how? They're practically the same exact thing only now its a resource instead of something in your mod card inventory. Sh** still sucks to farm and level up, it's still a pain in my round and ready A******, the whole mod system as a whole is complete bollocks and should have never happened but here we are. It's not better. It's the same exact thing with a different name. My progress for ranking stuff up has not increased or decreased with consistent play. If anything it was easier to farm Fusion Cores cus you'd get giant batches of the gold ones from Excavation. If there wasn't a time limit attached to this new system, I'd actually agree its better for people, 'cus its like this neat progression thing that you can work towards. But there is a time limit. Therefore it isn't. There are time limited rewards that people will come in and never get to see again because they came in too late into the 'season,' or came in a different 'season' and then see they can't get rewards from a previous one. This is sh**ty in every game, not just Warframe. Destiny does this too with Eververse stuff. Season 1 lasted like a month on PC and because of the late PC release and so no one could even get all the season 1 rewards. And even if we could its still sh**ty cus that's now an item in the game that no one can ever get again no matter what. It's dumb. There's better ways to create content for flexing than time limited sh**. The fact that DE always re-released event weapons into the game was a good thing. There's 0 indication that'll happen with this stuff. And this all came at the expense of a core feature of the game that existed for 6 years. Could have easily been better, sure, but it isn't. DE took elements nobody likes from other games (if you really are going to say you like time gates and time limited stuff that pressures you into playing then just stop, you're actually being ridiculous and also lying just to try and form an opposition) and axed a generally well liked system for it. It's bad, period. Shame, cus it looks like a lot of effort was put in with the voice acting and stuff. Too bad I'll never listen to it again.
  3. Gonna just copypaste a point I used in another thread because the "its free!!1" excuse is so tired and invalid that my spine wants to cringe out of my back whenever people use it as an argument to defend bad work. I can take a sh** on your carpet and tell you that's free, you can have that for free. You're not gonna really like that though, are you? Of course not, because now there's a pile of feces on your carpet staining it and stinking up the living room, and YOU gotta clean it up. That's what you're doing when you're playing Warframe. Except this time around DE took half the furniture in the living room with them as well. DE could literally add a patch that deletes your entire hardrive and they'd be praised at this rate. And they'd do that for free too. Sounds great right? "ANOTHER INCREDIBLE AND INNOVATIVE UPDATE BY DIGITAL EXTREMES." I can literally SEE the youtube videos popping up about how wonderful it is. Jesus christ.
  4. Actually, wow. Holy sh**. I just did some thinking and this is just-- They actually took AWAY a feature of the game (Alerts), repackaged about a quarter of it, and handed it back to us with their syndicate time gating they have this unholy obsession with surgically grafted onto it. And a time limit, which I can only hope alerts would return afterwards. And this is somehow deserving of praise and considered "content." I don't even know what to say anymore. I'm actually in shock about how manipulative this whole thing is. Companies get TRASHED for this kind of behaviour. Why does DE and Warframe get to get away with such egregious drek and get PRAISED for it EVERY SINGLE TIME.What on Earth is this disgusting double standard???
  5. Yeeeaaaaah, I have other games to play and drawings to get done. There's no way i'll be able to hit 30 lmao. It's whatever I guess. Can't say I'm particularly intrigued or endeared by it. It seems like Destiny 2's Milestones and Bounties but a lot less interesting 'cus instead of getting a really cool ship or mount or gear upgrades I get... some consumables? Who.. cares? Umbra Forma completely takes what made Umbra Excal special and throws it out the window, as did making Umbra mods available on non-Umbra Warframes. Thought Umbras were gonna be a thing to go after in order to make going to the Tau System more intriguing but their whole gimmick as sentient killers was just handed out to everyone, another missed opportunity. Sadly the Umbra Forma is probably the most enticing thing on there. Oh well. Back to replaying Metroid Prime \o/
  6. I have no clue then. I've messed with settings, optimized and validated the download cache through the launcher, etc. I have friends who have the same issues ever since the plug was pulled as well. We have no problems running Destiny 2 or other more demanding titles.
  7. Thank you for failing to read the post and completely missing the point entirely. Again, if you read, this is a thread about the SOLAR LANDMARK feature that Grandmasters PAID FOR in 2012-2013 still not being added to the game, with it now being the year 2019. IE; something Grandmaster level founders paid for and were promised has been outright denied/refused/neglected/what have you for 6 years straight with DE showing 0 signs of providing the thing I and many others PAID FOR. The part about nodes being removed from the game that some founders 'sponsor' was a minor point in ADDITION to the issue at hand that I brought up. You clearly have selective eyesight and reading comprehension since you've actively decided to zero in on that ONE SENTENCE and manufacture an entire post of NOTHING out of it. Congratulations.
  8. Stated already that there's nothing that can be done legally. Only thing anyone can do is speak up about it. Which I'm currently doing.
  9. The hell is support gonna do? This isn't a bug, or an account error, this is a feature DE has refused to add to the game that founders BOUGHT. With their MONEY. They literally were LIED to and have been LIED TO for 6 years.
  10. Considering I and many others paid for a thing, and still have not been provided said thing that we paid for after 6 years, yes. Yes it is worth complaining about. Amazing how that works, huh?
  11. There's nothing that can legally be done about it and I don't have lawyer money anyway even if it could. Most anyone can do is try and speak up. Just like everything else that's managed some kind of change in this game, on this forum. And thank you for expressing your content with the devs lying about things people paid for. DE apologist 101 I guess. Don't know why I'm even shocked.
  12. Back in the really early days (late 2012 into 2013) you could buy Founders packages when the game was in desperate need of cash to stay afloat. It was like a kickstarter in a way. Grandmaster was the highest tier with the highest perks, most of which weren't provided (above, and in some cases the shirt and headband we were supposed to get) or outright just given away to non-founders years later.
  13. It's not, considering that we're still receiving the same "it'll be added soon" message for 6 years as I've said. And the old school ticker which I'm assuming this is supposed to mirror wasn't the 'solar landmark' either.
  14. As nice as nicer visuals are, Warframe in some cases is REALLY badly optimized ever since they decided to stop supporting the most common video card. I can't even run some areas in this game anymore ever since they decided "NVIDIA users can get f***ed." And I can run way more visually impressive games with more going on just fine because they're optimized well. So honestly I think even MORE graphics improvements is the last thing we need right now. Not unless it comes with more optimization, which their newer system doesn't seem to allow for at all.
  15. I can really care less about how I'm perceived at this point. I've been supporting DE and being sh** on for it by DE since 2013. People have outright been silenced and reprimanded for presenting civil critique and suggestions. And this is a case of players paying for a thing, and DE refusing to acknowledge it and trying to wait it out to the point where none of the people who bought it will even be here anymore. If being civil and patient gets people nowhere, then being loud and vocal is the other option. And honestly, my patience and willingness to be civil has burnt out a long time ago. 'Cus again, its gotten people nowhere with DE. F***s sake like 3 people were SCREAMING about adding PvP in the game and the other 99% of people disagreed. Even DE didn't wanna add it. And oh look, now we have Conclave, the most pointless mode in the game ever that eats dev time and resources like a god damn vampire. All because the tiniest group of people were LOUD. I could go into an entire rant about social media in general and how vocal minorities have warped and directed almost everything in recent years as well but this isn't the place for that. Back to my point though; my patience has been long gone. I've shown DE plenty of support and goodwill over this half a decade+. Forgive me for being jaded after 6 years of being lied to and the game having 0 sense of direction, but that latter thing is another thread altogether.
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