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Smacking Stuff For Nav Balls Feels Bit....weird


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Putting aside feedback for the nav balls and crafting, why don't they come from hacking data terminals? Right now smacking stuff to get coordinates feels really weird .

Like make each terminal in game hackable and have rng rewards (creds or whatnot) so that people will still have a chance at it but the devs still have their rng in place.

The up side to this is that people will explore more and people won't rush as much, down side... Well it takes time to hack and to me I find hacking really annoying right now.

With the current procedurally created levels, there could be unlimited chances to hack and get the nav balls if you're paitent enough.

(I like smacking things too(thats why i play warframe)just right now the system feels really non immersive and clunky)

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