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Blueprint Material Drops Rates



I don't know if it's me but with this newest update, I feel like they have become that much more difficult and annoying to get.

Seriously, I get more rare mods like no tomorrow as for a blueprint material, like a head, chaise, or even a system, I get nothing. Not jacksh*t. With the update I was hoping this would change.


Yeah I think it did, in making them SO much harder to obtain. I'm trying to get a few warframes right now but playing the boss missions, over and over and over again, only to either get building materials which I have more than enough of, or to get stupid mods which I get more than enough duplicates of or are simply no use to meet.


So apart from the other things people complain about with U10, this is probably not even one noticed. If it's going to take what feels like an eternity just to get 1 only 1 blueprint complete for a warframe, then forget this game. I wouldn't even pay to get any platinum because it would be a waste of my money.

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