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Enemies ignoring abilities

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This has been mentioned a LOT on these forums and I cant for the life of me think why such issues would be ignored, so I assume DE does not know they exist.
For reference of which enemies ive noticed:

  • Mutalist Ospreys - Ignores Limbo Rift/Cataclysm
  • Terra Trencher - Seems to be extremely resistant to CC
  • All Raknoids but Mite Raknoids - Virtually immune to abilities, Immune to armor shred abilities
  • All Hyenas in Orb Vallis - CC immune, Immune to armor shred abilities
  • Terra Embattor MOA - CC resistant
  • Terra Raptor RX - CC resistant

The above all either ignore all CC, ignore debuffs(armor shred etc), ignore defensive abilities(Frost Bubble and/or Limbo Cataclysm/Rift), there are other enemies that seem to ignore Limbos Rift and Frosts bubble too, but in the middle of a mission im unable to determine where the damage is coming from, just that it's coming from outside the bubble/rift.


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