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Eidolon no drop bug


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Can't really give any video or media on this but I'll try my best to explain it.

I was playing as Chroma. We downed (the last part before you can kill it) the Hydrolist when there were about 30 seconds left of the night. Since that animation takes a while, it probably took over 30 seconds to kill it. Also didn't see any warning message that the night has ended. We had 3 charged lures so I killed it (basically captured). As usual my trinity teleported the lures at the gate where all of us were waiting. The lures just exploded without giving any loot whatsoever. Need to mention that I was the host and I was alt-tabbed but still able to see the game on the other screen.

My guess is that it has something to do with day capturing or alt-tabbing out of the game when the lures explode.

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