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Riven Challenge Bug - Amesha's ability 3 not protecting against status effects on open world areas.

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I have a few Rivens that are asking to kill stuff "without being affected by status". 

Amesha's ability 3 is supposed to protect the player and allies in close vicinity against status effects. 

I have a Riven that asks to "kill 3 dargyns with a bow not being affected by status". That does not asks for using Archwing in the mission, but I was using anyway. 

I can say with 100% certainty that almost every shot I took was resetting the count to 0 kills, while the Archwing skill ability 3, "Warding Grace", was active. Tried several times. 

So, it's either that the ability is bugged, or the Riven challenge is ignoring the Archwing status protection because it does not say "in archwing" in the riven challenge. 

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