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Modding system changes


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Modding has been in the games since almost forever yet the system has always fallen flat mainly due to every build feeling the same. This is due to the existence of "essential" mods such as Serration, redirection, vitality and that wouldn't be a big problem but they can be completely removed by changing a few things mainly in the way ranking works. As we all know the more a weapon or warframe is used it ranks up until reaching a cap of 30. When ranking up a warframe stat boost occurs by adding this feature to weapons and increasing the buffs you can effectively make "essential" mods irrelevant. For example for every rank give a weapon a 10% boost to damage by max rank your weapon has +300% more damage of course crit chance and status change will also need to receive a buff but maybe not every rank and for warframes increase the amount of shields, health, and energy they get per rank. Another change that could be made is that weapon archetypes all have a unique buff dependent on what archetype it is for example Bow get reduced charge time, snipers get faster reload speed or range, shotguns get tighter spread, beams get punch through, heavy blades get faster attack speeds so on and so forth. Of course, this idea will need to be refined but in the long run, this will give us more freedom in modding. Sorry if this idea was already mentioned before 

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