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Umbra Forma should be able to produce dual polarity slot



The more I think about where I would want to use my umbra forma, the more I am convinced that DE should modify it so that an umbra forma can be used to produce a dual polarity slot.  So that you could apply the umbra forma on an existing polarized slot so that it could be the umbra mod or the original forma polarity.

Similar to the new aura forma that allows all polarities - but this would only allow two polarities in the mod slot.  The original polarity (Vazarin, Naramon, etc.) and once applied, the umbra mods. 

I just have too many builds that I like to play, where applying the umbra forma will ruin them... They are fun, why would I want to lose that?

really sort of sucks to think about.

I am not going to carry two of the same warframe just so I can have an 'umbra' version... that is for sure and for certain.

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